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Bert Monterona, Cultured Salmon

Bert Monterona, Cultured Salmon (2012), acrylic on canvas [Amelia Douglas Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 18-Jun 7]

Bert Monterona: Struggle

Amelia Douglas Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 18-Jun 7, 2013

Bert Monterona, Migration IV

Bert Monterona, Migration IV (2012), acrylic on canvas tapestry [Amelia Douglas Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 18-Jun 7]

Bert Monterona is a Filipino artist now living in Vancouver. Monterona studied visual arts and photography in the Philippines, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education in 1985. His background includes working as a photojournalist and a human rights advocate. As an artist-educator, he has organized art workshops and peace-building workshops for schools and communities in Australia, the Philippines, Canada and the United States. Since re-locating to Vancouver, he has become well known as a muralist, art educator, cultural activist and artist-in-residence.

Monterona’s fantasy paintings and designs are inspired by his childhood experiences hunting wild animals for game, chasing birds in the forests, finding wild berries and playing with monkeys. He captures his memories in colourful artworks, including murals, installations, illustrations and tapestries, which depict mythologies of the verdant forests and the Lumad, the native people of the Philippines. As he puts it, “My works, whatever their forms and motives, reflect the magical ritualism of my rich indigenous roots.”

Bert Monterona has been the recipient of numerous awards, including grants from the Western Australia Department of the Arts, Australia Council for the Arts, Asian Artists Award of Vermont Studio Centre and the Philip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards.

Mia Johnson

Bert Monterona, Peace Talk

Bert Monterona, Peace Talk (2012), acrylic on canvas tapestry [Amelia Douglas Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 18-Jun 7]

 Thu, Apr 4, 2013