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Jeff Molloy, Lost in the Woods

Jeff Molloy, Lost in the Woods (2009), mixed media [Winchester Galleries (Oak Bay), Victoria BC, Apr 11-May 1]

Jeff Molloy: A Canadian Portrait

Winchester Galleries (Oak Bay)
Victoria BC – Apr 11-May 1, 2010

Jeff Molloy, Red Frontier II

Jeff Molloy, Red Frontier II (2010), mixed media [Winchester Galleries (Oak Bay), Victoria BC, Apr 11-May 1]

Jeff Molloy, Blue Frontier

Jeff Molloy, Blue Frontier (2010), mixed media [Winchester Galleries (Oak Bay), Victoria BC, Apr 11-May 1]

Jeff Molloy is a Canadian artist whose work focuses on the cultural symbols of Anglophone Canada. As he puts it, “The Group of Seven made paintings of where we live, not who we are. I want to create work that tells the story of the people, the history, the iconic imagery and the legends that are the fabric of this country.” His imagery has included hockey sweaters, country churches, moose, sheep and crows, and portraits of Prime Ministers wearing lumber jackets and buckskins. He is known for his creative use of such materials as burlap sacks and encaustic, and his fascination with erosion, surface texture, space and form.

In A Canadian Portrait, Molloy’s paintings of Hudson's Bay blankets hanging from clotheslines are set against loosely-painted forest backdrops (with the odd tongue-in-cheek addition of a moose meandering past). The paintings are reminiscent of Gathie Falk’s early pictures of dresses and chairs set in gardens: familiar but slightly surreal, capricious yet vaguely unsettling. The rich surfaces of mixed media, including his use of encaustic, give the artworks an earthy, home-spun appearance. The exhibit will also debut his Canadian Story Boxes, an ongoing series of interactive mixed- media assemblages depicting Canadian heroes like Louis Riel, Maurice Richard and Billy Bishop.

Molloy was born and raised in Toronto. During the 1980s, he studied with Edmonton stone sculptor Jerry Nason. He completed the three-year diploma program at Victoria College of Art in 1998, and undertook postgraduate studies with Robin Mayor in 1999. From August 2000-2009, he was the curator of The Gallery at The Mac in the lobby of the McPherson Playhouse, Victoria, BC.

Mia Johnson

Jeff Molloy, Pierre Voyager

Jeff Molloy, Pierre Voyager (2009), mixed media [Winchester Galleries (Oak Bay), Victoria BC, Apr 11-May 1]

 Tue, Apr 6, 2010