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Brian Jungen

Brian Jungen, Michael (2003), mixed media installation [The Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary AB, Apr 30-Sep 4]

Mixed Signals: Artists Consider Masculinity in Sport

The Art Gallery of Calgary
Calgary AB – Apr 30-Sep 4, 2010

Catherine Opie

Catherine Opie, Football Landscape #5, Juneau vs. Douglas, Juneau, Alaska (2007) [The Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary AB, Apr 30-Sep 4]

Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas, Scarred Chest (2003), lightjet print [The Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary AB, Apr 30-Sep 4]

Mixed Signals presents work created during the past 15 years by artists who have examined various notions of the male athlete. Through video, photography, mixed media, sculpture, painting, and installation, the artists – including Matthew Barney, Mark Bradford, Marcelino Gonçalves, Lyle Ashton Harris, Brian Jungen, Kurt Kauper, Shaun El. C. Leonardo, Kori Newkirk, Catherine Opie, Paul Pfeiffer, Marco Rios, Collier Schorr, Joe Sola, Sam Taylor-Wood and Hank Willis Thomas – emphasize the social construction of “masculinity” and the ways in which it is encoded in sports.

The exhibit critiques ideals of masculinity associated with competition, including the characterization of male athletes as aggressive, heterosexual and emotionally remote; the ego-driven management of male sports and sports figures; sports “legends” and heroes; the place of media and advertising in the construction of individual and team identities; as well as the hot topics of sexual orientation and drug use. It asks important questions about how, why and what it is that we watch, desire and adore in the spectacular, media-saturated field of sports.

Mixed Signals is an expanded version of Contemporary Projects 11: Hard Targets – Masculinity and American Sports, curated by Christopher Bedford for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2008. This travelling exhibition, guest curated by Mr. Bedford, was organized and circulated by iCI (Independent Curators International), New York and toured Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; Baltimore, Maryland; and Columbus, Ohio during 2009 and 2010 before coming to Calgary.

Mia Johnson

 Tue, Apr 6, 2010