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Colleen Flynn-Lawson: Indra's Net

Jennifer Kostuik Gallery
Vancouver BC – Feb 21-Mar 16, 2008

Colleen Flynn-Lawson - Aadi's Grid #1

Colleen Flynn-Lawson, Aadi's Grid #1 [detail] (2006), acrylic on panel [Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 21-Mar 16]

Colleen Flynn-Lawson has been exhibiting in Canada, California, and on the East Coast since becoming a full-time artist in 2000.  As a self-taught painter, she has developed techniques with multiple layers of paint and acrylic media that are scraped and molded. A great deal is left to chance as the watery media settles in unexpected patterns and shapes.

Taking as her theme the cyclical nature of existence, the Los Angeles-based artist creates panel paintings depicting small organisms floating within washes of colour and disintegrating structures. Vertical panels, as tall as 54 inches, present organic shapes like snails, leaves, flowers and plankton falling through watery space and bubbling up again like lava lamps or Aurora Borealis.

Indra's Net is her third solo exhibition at Jennifer Kostiuk in Vancouver. The new series of paintings shows a broader perspective than found in previous work which explored moments of transformation in minute life forms. The title refers to the mythological Buddhist structure that infinitely stretches across the universe and connects all life forms.

Taking Indra's Net as a metaphor, Flynn-Lawson seeks to capture an impression of the flow and flux of life as both an interconnected force and an interdependent evolution. Titles of individual works employ Sanskrit names like Niranjana, Bhogini, Pratistha and Viviktastha that reflect theories of transformation, body-mind harmony, purity and core concepts of non-attachment in a universe in motion. 


Mia Johnson

Colleen Flynn-Lawson - Bhogini-She Who is the Enjoyer

Colleen Flynn-Lawson - Viviktastha-She Who Abides in Secluded Places

Colleen Flynn-Lawson, left: Bhogini-She Who is the Enjoyer (2006), acrylic on panel. right: Viviktastha-She Who Abides in Secluded Places (2006), acrylic on panel [Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 21-Mar 16]

 Fri, Feb 8, 2008