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Camrose Ducote

Atelier Gallery
Vancouver BC – Mar 6-30, 2008

Camrose Ducote - #07-37

Camrose Ducote, #07-37 (2007), mixed media on board [Atelier Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 6-30]

Vancouver artist Camrose Ducote explains her paintings as an “ongoing preoccupation with the transient nature of life.” Her working process of spackling paint, sanding it, applying layers of acrylic wash and then rubbing away marks in the surface, imitates natural processes of birth, decay, death and metamorphosis, and conjures images of rock surfaces and sandy surfaces. Emerging shapes, particularly rectangular planes, appear partially submerged both visually and conceptually in work aptly described as having “an etching-like intimacy.”

Ducote once alluded to the rectangles in her work as symbols for “portals to the unknown.” In later guises, the rectangular form appeared figurative. Recent work alludes to notions of shielding and becoming inviolable, or to gates and other barricades. The rectangle motif appears rhythmically in overlapping planes or rows, slashed here and there with shapes resembling fasteners and hinges. Her restless shattered planes are reminiscent of a Futurist sensibility, particularly with their monochromatic colours punctuated at intervals with red, blue and black shapes. 

Ducote earned a BA at the University of Northern Colorado and she has exhibited extensively in Vancouver since 1983. She also exhibits with the Wallace gallery in Calgary, Alberta. Ducote is currently a Studio Technician in Sculpture/Synthetics at the Emily Carr Institute as well as a full-time painter.


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Feb 8, 2008