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Pierre Coupey: Counterpoint: Recent Work

Gallery Jones
Vancouver BC – Feb 6-Mar 1, 2008

Pierre Coupey - Lebanon, Lebanon

Pierre Coupey, Lebanon, Lebanon (2006), beeswax on prepared paper [Gallery Jones, Vancouver BC, Feb 6-Mar 1]

Since the mid-1960s, North Shore multimedia artist Pierre Coupey has been interested in the language of painting in relation to fiction and poetry, to the point where he has been described as "a painter with words". His work (writing, printmaking and painting) has received numerous awards, grants and commissions, and is represented in private, corporate and public collections in Canada and abroad.

Counterpoint: Recent Work began in 2006 and was triggered by the artist's deep dismay at that summer's bombing of Lebanon and the related violence in Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. His improvisational paintings have subsequently dealt with themes from the American "war on terror": the deaths of civilians, the secret prisons, the practice of torture, and the American invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Pierre Coupey was born in Montreal in 1942. He earned a BA at McGill University and an MA at the University of British Columbia. He was a founding co-editor of The Georgia Straight in 1967 and in 1971 was the founding editor of The Capilano Review. Now retired from full-time teaching, Coupey was a faculty member in the English Department at Capilano College (1970-2003), and a member of the Capilano College Art Institute (Printmaking) (1990-2000), where he served on numerous committees.

His work has been exhibited mainly in public galleries and in other community spaces. A solo exhibition, Tangle: Recent Work, was held at the Burnaby Art Gallery in early 2006. 


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Feb 8, 2008