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2 + 1 = furniture for small spaces

The Wood Co-op Gallery
Vancouver BC – Jan 30-Feb 19, 2008

Michelle Fu, Lydia Cabron, and Emilie Madill - Tea Party

Michelle Fu, Lydia Cabron, and Emilie Madill, Tea Party, plywood and upholstery [The Wood Co-op Gallery, Vancouver BC, Jan 30-Feb 19]

2 + 1 = furniture for small spaces features up-and-coming furniture designers from British Columbia together with third-year students at Vancouver's Emily Carr Institute.

In co-operation with Vancouver furniture company, Van Gogh Designs, the industrial design students learned to plan and build furnishings that are small in scale, multi-functional, and environmentally sustainable. The unique pieces, which must pass a life-cycle analysis, address not only design elements but the management of harmful substances.

Modular furnishings are a sign of the times for a mobile society living in small spaces. The versatile, spatially-efficient, upholstered furniture in the exhibition is described as celebrating the worth, warmth and potential of wood. The pieces feature wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is a non-profit organization devoted to responsible management of the world's forests and to providing an international certification and labelling system for wood materials.

Van Gogh Designs provided the students with concrete guidance in sustainable product development, and The Wood Co-op Gallery offers exposure to the public and to the larger design community. Van Gogh has recently announced its intention to launch a line of sustainable furniture. From the frame to the fabric, Van Gogh's members seek to work at the forefront of environmentally-sensitive manufacturing.


Mia Johnson

 Fri, Feb 8, 2008