Wool Weaving Workshop with Spelexilh, Anjeanette Dawson

Wool Weaving Workshop with Spelexilh, Anjeanette Dawson

13 Jun
  • [PAST] June 13th, 2023
  • 6:30pm
  • 1205 Pinetree Way Coquitlam
  • Workshop


Join Spelexilh, Anjeanette Dawson - a traditional wool weaver, knowledge keeper, storyteller, and Indigenous Educator from the Squamish Nation - to make your own wool weaving. This workshop will take place in the Art Gallery at Evergreen and all materials and instruction will be provided.  Learn to weave on a cardboard loom, while learning about the history of wool weaving, the revival of weaving in our community, and the teachings that go with weaving.


Within the spun fibres of yarn, the warp and weft of a weaving, the blocks of a quilt and the bond of indigo dye to fabric, textiles hold boundless knowledge, transmitted over generations. The artists in this group exhibition play with ideas and materials to explore how textiles connect to the body, sculptural forms, and technologies both old and new.

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