Visage Artists Talk Livestream

Visage Artists Talk Livestream

West Vancouver
1570 Argyle Ave
30 Jul
  • [PAST] July 30th, 2023
  • 7pm
  • 1570 Argyle Ave West Vancouver
  • Talk

Join us for a engaging livestream conversation with the artists from Visage, on display at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, Lucy Andersen, Marliese Eilers, Samantha Harrison & SungEun Park. These talented creatives will share insights into their artistic processes & inspirations, take a tour of the exhibition & answer questions from viewers like you live.

VISAGE is a dynamic multidisciplinary exhibition presenting social, environmental & personal allegory told using the human figure & image. Featuring Lucy Andersen’s anthropomorphic paper dolls representing our relationship with nature, Marliese Eilers’s colour & witty collages commenting on societal norms, Samantha Harrison’s portraits in oil recasting figures from myth as modern characters & SungEun Park’s mixed media sculptures of confined bodies symbolizing the barriers we create.

Join these artists as they reflect their work that explores the human image & it's storytelling possibilities.

Silk Purse Arts Centre

  • 1570 Argyle Ave West Vancouver, BC
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