"Transmissions" Exhibition Tour

"Transmissions" Exhibition Tour

02 Jun
  • [PAST] June 2nd, 2023
  • 12:30pm
  • 1205 Pinetree Way Coquitlam
  • Special Event

Friday, June 02 at 12:30PM & Saturday, June 17 at 2:00PM
Experience Transmissions at the Art Gallery at Evergreen. Visit the AGE for a free tour with AGE’s curatorial team.


May 13 - July 23, 2023
Jonathan Alfaro
Katherine Boyer
Roxanne Charles
Emily Hermant
Damla Tamer
Valérie d. Walker

Within the spun fibres of yarn, the warp and weft of a weaving, the blocks of a quilt and the bond of indigo dye to fabric, textiles hold boundless knowledge, transmitted over generations. The exhibited artists draw on complex histories and rich cultural and personal practices connected to textiles to build sculptural works that move away from the gallery wall. Their techniques span weaving, dyeing, knotting and casting, among other processes. The artworks, created from a variety of organic and manufactured materials—from animal fibres and plant material to wire, rubber silicone and plastic—fill the gallery from floor to ceiling. The works’ relation to the body, three-dimensional space and evolving technologies stitch together the varied artworks presented in Transmissions.

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