South Asian Artist Gathering

South Asian Artist Gathering

14 Oct
  • [PAST] October 14th, 2023
  • 3:30pm
  • 1205 Pinetree Way Coquitlam
  • Workshop

In partnership with Coquitlam Heritage and facilitated by Gurdeep Birdi, board member of Diwali Celebration Society, we invite South Asian musicians, painters, singers, writers, poets and dancers to a meet & greet at the Art Gallery at Evergreen. Connect with fellow artists of all disciplines from the Tri-Cities and share stories of connection and empowerment inspired by themes in the exhibition RISE: Sandeep Johal and Sara Khan.


Sandeep Johal’s art practice engages drawing, collage, textiles and large-scale murals. Through her Indo-folk feminine aesthetic, she confronts themes of bleakness, despair and ugliness with their dissonant opposites: brightness, hope and beauty. Johal’s work typically centres around the stories of women’s resistance and resilience.

Sara Khan’s art practice focuses on watercolour painting and includes recent experimentation with textiles, installations and murals. She reflects on the significance of the seemingly mundane aspects of daily life through her meticulous watercolour paintings, which often feature fantastical, uncanny creatures and veiled autobiographical references.

Sandeep Johal and Sara Khan’s artistic collaboration gives rise to a playful and fantastical environment. The artists merge their distinct creatures, dynamic patterns and rich colour palettes into new hybrid forms. Their artworks celebrate the joy, power and complexities of womanhood from their perspectives as two South Asian women artists who are mothers to young children.

We would like to acknowledge the BC Arts Council with support from the Province of British Columbia.

RISE: Sandeep Johal and Sara Khan is on view at the Art Gallery at Evergreen from September 16–November 26, 2023 .

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