Quantum Healing Art with Joseph Boutros Ghabi

Quantum Healing Art with Joseph Boutros Ghabi

28 May
  • [PAST] May 28th, 2022
  • 1-5pm
  • 1448 Broadway W Vancouver
  • Exhibition Opening


Vancouver based Artist Joseph Boutros Ghabi is set to host his first solo art show, AGAPE Solo Exhibition, at Pacific Arts Market, from 26th May 2022 through to 25 June 2022.

Lebanese by birth, Joseph made Vancouver his home in 2009. Originally as a trained electrical engineer, a series of life changing experiences led him to embrace energy healing and Blueprint Numerology as a career, whereby over 35 years he has significantly impacted and transformed the lives of many people from physical, mental, emotional sickness and pain to full empowerment and living lives of love, joy and fulfilment.

After joining a painting party in 2017, Joseph immediately fell in love with painting, and recognized it as a powerful form of expression that he would like to commit to. Self-taught, he has since painted over 400 paintings and is exhibiting in various galleries and art publications internationally.
Today, with his background of 35 years as a Master Healer and Blueprint Numerologist, Joseph is creating Quantum Healing Art, to awaken and empower a new appreciation and function of art that will connect spirituality and physicality in our human consciousness. He is committed to freeing the human Soul.

“I’m super excited about the opportunity for my debut solo exhibit at Pacific Arts Market”, says Joseph. “My purpose is to create intentional art using an awareness of frequency and vibration that awakens us to our true identity as successful, confident and powerful beings. I’m delighted that this innovation in Quantum Healing Art aligns with my life-long commitment to freeing the human Soul.”
AGAPE Solo Exhibition has deep meaning for the Artist Joseph Boutros Ghabi. The name Agape traces back to the Greek word meaning Unconditional Love and highlights the lineage of Joseph's family name from his father’s side. The show is about bringing the Artist Joseph Boutros Ghabi back home to discover the missing pieces of his life. Through his beautiful paintings, he welcomes all to explore the mystery and power of his insights. He presents the light of his origins, to awaken and inspire the light of humanity’s ‘homecoming.’

Make sure not to miss out on the experience of interacting with Artist Joseph Boutros Ghabi during his debut art show AGAPE Solo Exhibition at Pacific Arts Market, 1450 W Broadway, from 26th May to 25th June 2022.

An opening reception will be held on 28th May 2022 between 1-5pm.

Pacific Arts Market Pop Up

  • Cowichan Exhibition Park, 7380 TCH Duncan, BC
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