Opening Reception: Vanessa Brown, That Other Hunger

Opening Reception: Vanessa Brown, That Other Hunger

10 Sep
  • [PAST] September 10th, 2022
  • 2-5pm
  • 7700 Minoru Gate Richmond
  • Exhibition Opening

To kick off its fall season, Richmond Art Gallery (RAG) presents That Other Hunger by Vanessa Brown from Sept. 9 to Nov. 6, 2022. This evocative exhibition uses the concept of holes as its point of departure. Brown highlights them as surprisingly potent spaces of wonder that bypass physical and temporal boundaries. A special opening reception will be held on Saturday, Sept. 10 from 2–5pm at the gallery. Vanessa Brown will be in attendance, and no registration is required for this free drop-in event.

“The breadth of Vanessa Brown’s research for this exhibition is vast and varied,” says RAG’s new curator Zoë Chan. “In conceptualizing That Other Hunger, she researched an eclectic range of holes, from Pantheon’s oculus to geographical craters to black holes. The delicate metal sculpture work she’s known for will be showcased as well as sound works by her collaborator Michelle Helene Mackenzie, video
projections, and textiles. This stunning exhibition functions like a portal into another world.”

The inspiration for this new body of work can be traced back to Brown’s childhood fascination with the portable hole that recurs throughout the Looney Tunes cartoon series. The portable hole in the
animation has multiple purposes. Most obviously, the hole functions exactly as one might guess: characters fall in or drop into a void. It also functions as an object that can be picked up and thrown
against a wall or placed in another spot. Other times, the hole becomes a channel that seamlessly transports characters into another dimension, transcending time and space. Brown’s installation also references holes of many other types, encompassing those found in outer space, geography, and even the body’s anatomy. It invites the public on a rich existential and artistic journey that delves into questions around human desire, the relativity of time, and our place in the galaxy. Brown’s integration of sound and video alongside sculptures creates an immersive installation that sparks a sense
of magic and awe.

Vanessa Brown grew up in Richmond, and currently lives and works in Europe. That Other Hunger represents a sort of homecoming for the artist, whose last solo show in Vancouver was at the Western
Front in 2018. Brown works primarily in sculpture and installation. The root of her work draws from various sources including landscapes, craft, feminized labour, gestures of comfort, ideas of escape, and
liminal spaces such as holes and dreams. She has exhibited in Canada, Germany, Luxembourg, the USA, and Mexico, notably with solo and two-person exhibitions at Patel Brown, Toronto; The Esker
Foundation, Calgary; Arsenal, Toronto; Projet Pangée, Montreal; The Western Front, Vancouver; The Armory Show, New York. She is represented by Patel Brown.

Richmond Art Gallery

  • 180-7700 Minoru Gate Richmond, BC
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