JOEL ROBISON: Mind-full - Exploring Mental Health through Art

JOEL ROBISON: Mind-full - Exploring Mental Health through Art

Vancouver, BC
1506 Duranleau St
17 Nov
  • [PAST] November 17th to 20th, 2022
  • 10am-5pm
  • 1506 Duranleau St Vancouver, BC
  • Special Event
  • Karen Cooper Gallery, Granville Island
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Join us for Joel's solo show for Men's Mental Health Month. This event will be showcasing Joel's work with HeadsUp Guys from UBC.

About the Artist

My name is Joel Robison and I’m a 37 year old fine art photographer from Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada.  I’ve been creating and sharing my conceptual portraiture work for over a decade. My interest in story telling and self expression through art is what motivates me to create and share my work with people around the world.

Over the last 9 years I’ve instructed thousands of students around the world in a series of photography workshops and classes aimed at building both the creative portfolio and setting up a photography business and social media presence. My passion for expression through art has also led me to explore how art can help to understand our own mental health and I have extended this passion for supporting mental health through my work with Vancouver based charity HeadsUpGuys.

My work has been used world wide by clients such as Coca-Cola, FIFA, Yahoo, Adobe, Oprah Magazine, Mariott, Microsoft and many more. My work aims to show that our minds are full of adventure, calm, whimsy, curiosity, and many other emotions that are worth exploring.

HeadsUpGuys is a depression resource that provides guys with information and practical tips to manage and prevent depression in men.

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