In Full Color: Celebrating Queer Cinema from Around the Globe

In Full Color: Celebrating Queer Cinema from Around the Globe

Bainbridge Island
550 Winslow Way East
14 Jun
  • [PAST] June 14th to 15th, 2024
  • 3-7pm, both days
  • 550 Winslow Way East Bainbridge Island
  • Art Festival

In celebration of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, come together in the Frank Buxton Auditorium for a weekend program of films presented in partnership with the Bainbridge Island Film Festival. Laugh, cry, and cheer, as we share a selection of feature films and short works exploring queerness in cinema.

Curated by Gabriel Gutierrez Morales & Charles Poekel

The Bainbridge Island Film Festival (BIFF) is an annual 4-day event celebrating independent film from around the corner and around the world. Through the annual festival, as well as year-round programming and initiatives like BIFF Presents, IslandDocs, and Second Saturdays, BIFF’s mission is to bolster the local filmmaking and filmgoing communities of the island.

Film Selections

Orlando, My Political Biography (2023) (UK)

Directed by Paul B. Preciado

Academic virtuoso turned filmmaker Paul B. Preciado casts a diverse cross-section of more than twenty trans and nonbinary individuals in the role of Virginia Wolfe’s Orlando as they perform interpretations of scenes from the eponymous novel, weaving into Woolf’s narrative their own stories of identity and transition. Not content to simply update a seminal work, Preciado interrogates the relevance of Orlando in the continuing struggle against anti-trans ideologies and in the fight for global trans rights. (102min) Preceded by: How to Carry Water (2023)

How to Carry Water (2023) (USA)

Directed by Sasha Wortzel

This punk rock fairytale doubles as a portrait of Shoog McDaniel—a fat, queer, and disabled photographer working in and around northern Florida’s vast network of freshwater springs, the state’s source of precious drinking water. (15min) (Contains nudity)

All the Colors in the World are Between Black and White (2023) (Nigeria)

Directed by Babatunde Apalowo

An understated but heart-wrenching look at the love between two men in modern-day Nigeria, where such love is forbidden. Follow along as the motorcycle courier and aspiring photographer grow closer while exploring Lagos. Winner of the Berlinale Teddy Award. (93min) Preceded by: If I Die in America (2024)

If I Die in America (2024) (USA)

Directed by Ward Kamel

According to Muslim practice, burial ought to occur within 24 hours of death—so after Manny’s immigrant husband, Sameer, passes away in an accident, he is confronted by a representative of Sameer’s family urging him to sign the paperwork needed to ship the body back to Kuwait. (15min)

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

  • 550 Winslow Way East Bainbridge Island, WA
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