Hart James - Nature on the Inside

Hart James - Nature on the Inside

05 May
  • [PAST] May 5th, 2022
  • 6-8 PM
  • 1915 First Ave Seattle
  • Exhibition Opening

Join us for First Thursday and the Opening Reception for "Nature on the Inside", an exhibition of new oil paintings by Pacific Northwest artist Hart James. James has a long-lived connection to the energy in nature, stemming from her childhood experiences growing up on a farm in Kentucky. She paints in an abstract manner depicting the verve of the organic world in raw scenes — the tumbling current of water over rocks, the wispy flow of air through rustling trees and the fluctuating foundation under our feet.

James expresses, “In a world where creativity and emotion are sidelined—pushed to subterranean levels, it is humanity that we strive to suppress. But, it is humanity that we need most. It connects us with each other and with the natural world around us; our Earth, our home. An extraordinary sunset, an awe inspiring view, the power of rushing water, all stir our emotions within, stir our most natural state. Yet, we leave those feelings of love, awe, and passion behind when we leave that scenic view. We leave our connection to the earth at the door with our muddy boots. How much of our compassion and humanity do we check at the door?”

James’ practice seeks to prolong that sense of connection. Through her paintings, one may experience the intensity of nature coming alive on canvas. The artist aims to connect her energy with the viewer. Her bold marks, lively brushstrokes and muscular style captivate, while strong forms and utilization of the atmospheric palette of the Pacific Northwest echo the spirit of the mystic painters of the Northwest School.

Hart James studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the San Francisco Art Institute, and with artists Anne Truitt, Vera Berdich, and Ed Pashcke, among others. In addition she studied art history and biology at Northwestern, which has provided a strong background for her devotion to the arts. James has participated in artist residencies across the country including Oxbow, Morris Graves Foundation, Escape to Create Artist Residency in Seaside, Florida, and the Vermont Studio Residency.

Harris Harvey Gallery

  • 1915 First Ave Seattle, WA
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