Gallery Opening - Matt Petley-Jones: Estuary

Gallery Opening - Matt Petley-Jones: Estuary

17 Nov
  • [PAST] November 17th, 2022
  • 5-8pm
  • 2245 Granville Street Vancouver
  • Exhibition Opening

Join us for the opening night of "Estuary" by contemporary artist and gallery director, Matt Petley-Jones. Petley-Jones’ expressionism plots a dynamic composition by pulling and pushing of pigment across the canvas. With thick impasto, he constructs the essence of the 'estuary', a place of confluence and convergence.

Where the mouth of the river meets the salinity of the ocean is a site rich in minerals for aquatic life. In his newest works, Petley-Jones investigates the point of intersection between two oppositional forces. The mixture of fresh and salt water, in a literal sense, provides a rich bed of minerals for life to blossom. Similarly, the interactions between opposing ideas, like pigments, can merge and mold itself into a new form.

Complimentary wine and refreshments will be served.

Artist is in attendance.

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