Denmark Film Screening 2

Denmark Film Screening 2

28 Apr
  • [PAST] April 28th, 2022
  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
  • 2655 NW Market Street Seattle
  • Special Event
  • National Nordic Museum
  • $5 for Members, $10 general admission (child admission is free)
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Wild and Wonderful Denmark Documentary Screening

Join us for the first evening of screenings of the stunning nature documentary Wild and Wonderful Denmark, a nature series in five 52-minute episodes that fascinates and awakens our curiosity.

The series presents dramatic events in the animal kingdom of Denmark – telling stories of birth and death, mating and hunger, hunting and being hunted. The animals play the leading roles, but the unique Danish geography and natural locations are also essential elements of the narrative.

In each episode a new biotope provides the framework of the narrative: the Forest, the Sea and the Coastline, the Open Land, the Lake and the River, and the City.

Meet a yellow-necked mouse, out to find a midnight bite when an eagle-owl swoops down swiftly and silently in pursuit; enter a fox den with a mother and her newborn cubs; and soar with a majestic golden eagle, out on a hunt. We see Denmark’s biggest herd of grey seals, and we witness an undersea battle for territory between lobsters. We spot the anglerfish that camouflages itself on the ocean floor, and see it pop open its jaws and ambush its prey.

On April 28 we will screen the last two episodes:

The Lake and the River

The colorful and quick kingfisher nosedives into the water to catch fish; the beaver builds its dam, out of everything from tree trunks to small twigs to protect the entrance to its lodge; and the sea trout swims hundreds of kilometers against the current in order to spawn. Get a unique insight into the wildlife in and around the countless lakes and waterways of Denmark.

The City
Cities have displaced some natural environments, but have also created new opportunities for some animals. A mallard has built a nest in a window box, but what will happen when her ducklings have to jump from the fourth floor? Can a hungry fox find food in a concrete courtyard? And will the mother rat be able to evacuate her young when a powerful rainstorm floods the sewer system?

The soundtrack features music composed especially for this series and performed by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. The music enhances and amplifies this unique film footage and puts the finishing touch on these tales of Denmark and its wild and wonderful nature.

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