Daniil Alikov Artist Talk

Daniil Alikov Artist Talk

06 Dec
  • [PAST] December 6th, 2022
  • 7-8pm
  • 4211 No. 3 Road Richmond
  • Talk

Lipont Gallery is excited to present artist Daniil Alikov’s genre-defying body of work, NEW BEAUTY, to Metro Vancouver’s audiences.

Originally a virtual visualist, Alikov has leaped into the practice of fine art and has gone beyond the visual. He produces conceptual artworks that blend the border of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art. The intricately-overlapped and embossed canvases, strips of gradient materials, drawn patterns and symbols create an illusionistic dimension. The hard edges, symmetrical curves and the non-narratives speak of scientific systems, futuristic notions, and fashion metaphors.

Currently, he is working his way into the seventh “generation” of this series, which started with black and white, sharp-contrast, two-dimensional canvases, was developed into more pristine black fields, and currently progressed on, to mixed-media sculptural objects that he calls assemblages.

The materiality aspect of the recent Generation 6 and Generation 7 makes it as if the artist is venturing from order to relative disorder, from simplicity to richness, from monotonic to chromatic. Either entangled, sewn together or carefully arranged and layered, the materials such as nylon straps and buckles, translucent glassine, reflective fabrics, zippers, elastic fasteners, and hand-made mini domes show a bit of the veteran visual effect artist’s “cyber soul”, which is a liberating approach to fine art. Alikov’s exhibition, NEW BEAUTY, is free of social and cultural boundaries. It invites the audience to examine their cognition from within and through the phenomenon called “artistic creation”.

Alikov will give a public talk on December 6th to decipher his art.

Exhibition: December 3rd 2022 – January 6th 2023
Mon – Fri 10-5, Tue until 8pm
Closed on weekends, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, and January 2nd

Please inquire at 1 (604) 285-9975 during business hours or at art@lipont.com and www.lipontgallery.ca
Parking is free in front of the building.
Public transit: Canada Line Aberdeen Station

Lipont Gallery

  • 4211 No. 3 Rd Richmond, BC
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