CSDA Marian Bradshaw Lecture - Douglas Coupland

CSDA Marian Bradshaw Lecture - Douglas Coupland

08 Sep
  • [PAST] September 8th, 2023
  • 2:45-3:45pm
  • Hosted by: Emily Carr University of Arts + Design, 520 E 1st Ave Vancouver
  • Talk
  • CSDA 41st Annual Symposium
  • Free tickets for online and in-person
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The Canadian Society of Decorative Arts/ Cercle canadien des arts décoratifs (CSDA/CCAD) is a charitable organization in Canada founded in 1981. CSDA/CCAD provides the decorative arts community with opportunities to meet other enthusiasts, collectors, professionals and students who collectively delight in and give visibility to the diverse spectrum of material culture and design.

Join us on Friday, September 8th at the Emily Carr University of Arts + Design in-person or online. Guests must register for the lecture through Eventbrite.
Artist, Author, Innovator Douglas Coupland will give us some insights into his experience with public art. Public art is a specific art genre with its own professional and critical discourse and is visually and physically accessible to the public.

“Public art is like the nonfiction version of art. Instead of working in a private personal universe, public art is tethered to the real world in some way. Public art is also an amazing way to learn about new ways of making objects, as well as meeting new people along the way. My goal has always been to make life feel like art school, and public art has been an enormous part of this drive.”

For those not registered for the CSDA/CCAD symposium who would like to attend the Lecture in person or online please register through Eventbrite or through the CSDA wesbite at www.csda-ccad.org/2023-symposium

Contact us at info@csda-ccad.org or call 647-249-6280 for more details.

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