Coloured Pencil for beginners

Coloured Pencil for beginners

21 Aug
  • [PAST] August 21st, 2022
  • 4-5:30pm
  • 1448 West Broadway Vancouver
  • Workshop
  • Pacific Arts Market
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As artists, no matter how experienced we are, we can always learn from other artists! We all have different experiences and different ways of doing things and if I can inspire someone to get creative through sharing what I have learned then I couldn’t ask for more!

So, whether you have used coloured pencils before, or whether you have never picked up a coloured pencil in your life, my beginner classes will teach you everything you need to know to get started!

It can sometimes feel a little daunting as a beginner when there are so many incredible artists out there, but can I let you in on a secret? It is just a matter of skills practiced again and again and again.

I have been drawing professionally for around 5-6 years and believe me I am still learning every day! In fact, every time you put pencil to paper, you improve your skills! My beginner classes will be split into 2, there is no obligation to attend both!

The first class will cover:
- The different brands of pencil and which ones I recommend
- wax based vs oil-based pencils and how they are different
-simple colour theory for combining colours
-Different paper surfaces
-Simple blending and layering techniques
-basic pencil techniques for creating different textures

The second class will be putting what you learned into practice:
-You will have the choice of how to draw realistic leopard fur, or a jellyfish, both of which include
different techniques (all of which are covered in part 1!) or if you prefer, you are welcome to just
experiment and draw whatever you feel like! 🙂
Everything will be provided for you!

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