Closing Reception - Symbiotic Reconciliation (共生·和解) by Wenli Yang & Roy Hoh

Closing Reception - Symbiotic Reconciliation (共生·和解) by Wenli Yang & Roy Hoh

18 Jan
  • [PAST] January 18th, 2024
  • 2-5pm
  • 4211 No. 3 road Richmond
  • Special Event

The exhibition has been extended to January 18th, 2024. Please join us at the closing reception of this exhibition and meet the artists once again on January 18th between 3-5pm!

Free reserved parking is in front of the entrance.

At the Lipont Gallery, we are proud to introduce the visionary works of the Vancouver and Richmond-based artist duo, Wenli Yang and Roy Hoh (a.k.a Shengqiang He). Their upcoming exhibition, Symbiotic Reconciliation, explores the intricate interplay between humanity, space, and nature through a diverse array of mediums—including paintings, installations, lens-based works, and collages. This new body of work, now revealed for the first time, showcases their exceptional design prowess and conceptual depth.

Vancouver, a city repeatedly lauded for its unparalleled quality of living, offers a dynamic fusion of lush natural landscapes and urban sophistication—a testament to its reputation as a place that both enriches and sustains. However, the once-celebrated provincial motto, ‘British Columbia – The Best Place on Earth,’ has been subtly retired, hinting a shift in values. This transformation, accelerated by the pandemic’s profound impact on our understanding of life quality, resilience, and environmental consciousness, serves as a poignant backdrop for Yang and Hoh’s artistic inquiry.

Drawing inspiration from Vancouver’s storied neighbourhoods, the ubiquitous real estate developments, and the region’s verdant flora, Yang and Hoh’s artistry captures the evolving narrative of the city. Their work transcends mere aesthetic appeal, delving deep into the essence of our coexistence with the urban and natural worlds. It is a synthesis of thoughtful interpretation and visual allure, challenging the boundaries of time through the meticulous handcrafting of art and the transformative chemistry of materials.

The innovative imaging techniques employed by Yang and Hoh culminate in a unique visual language, one that we believe will captivate and engage our audiences. Symbiotic Reconciliation is an invitation to rediscover and reassess the delicate balance between urban development and natural harmony. Through this exhibition, we aspire to ignite a conversation on the profound and complex connections that define our existence within the urban tapestry and its environmental counterpart.

Lipont Gallery

  • 4211 No. 3 Rd Richmond, BC
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