Artist talk with JW Harrington on his solo exhibition, "The Impossibility of Knowing"

Artist talk with JW Harrington on his solo exhibition, "The Impossibility of Knowing"

21 Oct
  • [PAST] October 21st, 2023
  • 1-2pm
  • 110 3RD AVE S Seattle
  • Talk

Artist JW Harrington will be hosting a talk about his solo exhibition, "The Impossibility of Knowing" at Gallery 110 on Saturday, October 21st from 1 – 2pm. The event is free and includes a special Q&A with artist Nick Riesland.

JW Harrington's exhibition "The Impossibility of Knowing" refers to the strength of memory and imagination, compared to what is “real” or “observed”. Powerful and curatorially acclaimed, Harrington’s series of oil and acrylic paintings feature solid shapes, figures, or silhouettes interacting with mirrored outlines against shadowed backgrounds. What seems substantive is augmented with its past, future, mirror or shadow. Harrington’s figures seem to be doubled, each interacting with its respective complement. The Impossibility of Knowing's interplay creates visual dynamism as subjects are pulled in opposite directions and interact with their outlines.

Harrington’s fundamental motivation is to generate compositions that may give a viewer pause; in the abstract compositions, because of the overlapping of figure and outline; in the (more prevalent) figurative compositions, because the figures seem aware of its existence, future, or eventual absence. Some of The Impossibility of Knowing’s compositions also emphasize Harrington’s additional motivation – helping normalize brown faces and skin on gallery walls. Indeed, many of the figures and scenes reflect his experiences and family.

"The Impossibility of Knowing" will be on display at Gallery 110 from October 5 – 28, 2023. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm and by appointment.

Gallery 110

  • 110 3rd Ave S Seattle, WA
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