Artist Talk ⏤ John Macdonald

Artist Talk ⏤ John Macdonald

Salt Spring Isalnd
114 Rainbow Road
19 Apr
  • [PAST] April 19th, 2023
  • 12-1pm
  • 114 Rainbow Road Salt Spring Isalnd
  • Talk

John Macdonald
Archipelago ⏤ Contemporary Art of the Salish Sea
12 Artists  |  6 Mediums  | 3  Exhibitions  |  2 Countries |  1 Sea

Salt Spring Arts is thrilled for the 16th annual Spring Art Show to present a unique and important cultural exchange between two of North America’s most feted arts communities – the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada, and the San Juan Islands of Washington State, USA.

Southern Gulf Islands Artist ⏤ John Macdonald

My process of creativity is very organic: incidental outside events through all kinds of engagements influence what I do or don’t do, I try to assess the present strengths and weaknesses. I usually have many pieces on the go at the same time. As many as one hundred. Each normally takes a number of sittings. Some over a duration of years. The work in Archipelago, I would not describe as a series, though they potentially relate. They are all, for me, unique individual works.

In collaboration with the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, and ArtSpring.

Sponsored by Gallery 8.

Salt Spring Arts

  • Mahon Hall, 114 Rainbow Rd Salt Spring, BC
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