Art In the Hall - Sue Bayley: Colour Therapy

Art In the Hall - Sue Bayley: Colour Therapy

West Vancouver
750 17th Street
25 Apr
  • [PAST] April 25th to 24th, 2024
  • 750 17th Street West Vancouver
  • Exhibition Opening

Colours possess a profound ability to communicate with our souls, transcending language and tapping into primal responses deeply ingrained within us. Whether it's a single hue or a symphony of shades, colours have the power to unlock memories, evoke emotions, and envelop us in a sense of joy, comfort, and connection.

The work of West Vancouver artist Sue Bayley embodies inspiration, hope, and the resilience to find beauty amidst darkness and offers a moment of respite and tranquility for the soul. Sue’s work delves into the intangible aspects of nature, capturing fleeting moments and enduring beauty through complex, expressive brushwork that echoes organic forms and colours.

Ferry Building Gallery

  • 1414 Argyle Ave, Ambleside Landing West Vancouver, BC
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