17th of May in Ballard

17th of May in Ballard

17 May
  • [PAST] May 17th, 2023
  • various
  • 2655 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107 Seattle
  • Special Event

Visit the neighborhood as Ballard celebrates Norwegian Constitution Day with a parade and special activities all day.

For all the activities created by Seattle’s 17th of May Committee, please visit the 17th of May website at 17thofmay.org. Tickets for the 17th of May luncheon at the Museum are sold through the 17th of May website.

The earliest recorded Seventeenth of May celebrations in Seattle were held in 1889. By 1901, Ballard's Norwegian-American residents were hosting a parade, and the celebration of Norwegian Constitution Day has grown from there to include the entire neighborhood and city! The festivities in Seattle are listed as the third largest 17th of May celebration in the world, behind Oslo and Bergen.

National Nordic Museum

  • 2655 NW Market St Seattle, WA
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