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A listing provides exposure of your space and featured exhibitions to over 30,000 readers, five times per year. Join over 225 galleries and museums from across the Pacific Northwest already targeting this niche audience. A typical listing starts with: name, address and other contact info, hours and admission rates (if applicable). It is followed by a brief description of your space, and a summary of featured exhibition(s) including dates.

Listing Fees:
Annual (5 issues print and online): $320.00 + GST (non-profit rates available upon request)
Single Issue (print and online): $80.00 + GST
Includes Gallery and featured exhibition info up to 75 words in each of the five issues per year.

Information submitted will be reviewed by Preview and may be edited for clarity and/or length before being published.


Please submit only one listing per gallery/museum as additional submissions will override your original information. If your listings text does not fit within the allotted space please contact us as soon as possible.

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