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  Previews Back June/July/August 2015

Matthew Pillsbury: Tokyo

Spirit Gum

Nanaimo Art Gallery
Nanaimo BC, May 30-Aug 8, 2015

Dana Lynn Louis: Thread

ManWoman: Heart of Longing

Stride Art Gallery
Calgary AB, Jun 12-Jul 17, 2015

How Do I Fit This Ghost In My Mouth? An exhibition by Geoffrey Farmer

Robert LeMay: 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Ex Libris

Douglas Udell Gallery
Edmonton AB, Jun 6-20, 2015

Gravure Automatique: Dalla Husband at Atelier 17

Mark Andres: Astoria, My Astoria

Augen Gallery
Portland OR, Aug 6-29, 2015

Jeremy Shaw: Medium-Based Time

David T. Alexander: Waterland

Bau-Xi Gallery
Vancouver BC, Jun 13-27, 2015

Leslie Hossack: Registered

Lori Motokado: Natural Obsolescence

Kimoto Gallery
Vancouver BC, Jun 27-Jul 18, 2015

Ron Shuebrook: Drawings

Stonecut to Sugar-Lift: Inuit Prints from the 1960s to the Present

Marion Scott Gallery
Vancouver BC, Jun 20-Jul 25, 2015

DaveandJenn: No End


New Media Gallery/Anvil Centre
New Westminster BC, May 2-Jul 26, 2015

Fred Schiffer: Lives in Photos

Peter Morin: Tahltan Song Cycle

Open Space Gallery
Victoria BC, Jun 20-Jul 25, 2015

Lyndia Terre: I went into the large space

Mia Feuer: Synthetic Seasons

Esker Foundation
Calgary AB, May 23-Sep 6, 2015

Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show

Ian Johnston: The Chamber

Access Gallery
Vancouver BC, Jun 6-Jul 18, 2015

J McLaughlin: Golden Supermatic

Yoonhee Choi: Trawling

Blackfish Gallery
Portland OR, Jun 2-27, 2015

Geoffrey James: Inside Kingston Penitentiary

TD Art Gallery Paint-In

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Jul 18, 2015, 11am-9pm

Tom Sherwood: A Golden Perspective

Gods and Heroes: Masterpieces from l’École des Beaux-Arts, Paris

Portland Art Museum
Portland OR, Jun 13-Sep 13, 2015

Sam Vernon: How Ghosts Sleep (Seattle)

Heaven, Hell and Somewhere in Between: Portuguese Popular Art

Museum of Anthropology
Vancouver BC, May 12-Oct 12, 2015

The Clock: Christian Marclay

Bellingham National 2015 Art Exhibition and Awards

Whatcom Museum
Bellingham WA, May 31-Sep 6, 2015

J McLaughlin: Golden Supermatic

Leo Saul Berk: Structure and Ornament

Frye Art Museum
Seattle WA, May 30-Sep 6, 2015

J McLaughlin: Golden Supermatic

Nathan DiPietro: The Structure of Things

Woodside/Braseth Gallery
Seattle WA, Jun 27-Jul 24, 2015

A Story of Canadian Art (As Told by the Hart House Art Collection)

A Story of Canadian Art (As Told by the Hart House Art Collection)

Kelowna Art Gallery
Kelowna BC, May 9-Jul 19, 2015

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