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Jeremy Borsos, The Great Aims Society

Jeremy Borsos, The Great Aims Society (2015), video still [Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC, Jun 17-Jul 16]

Jeremy Borsos: Immaculate Debris

Deluge Contemporary Art
Victoria BC – Jun 17-Jul 16, 2016

Jeremy Borsos, Lens Obstructions ("Bunch")

Jeremy Borsos, Lens Obstructions ("Bunch") (2013), digital colour print [Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC, Jun 17-Jul 16]

It’s impossible to be pithy when describing Borsos’ rather mysterious body of work, but thematically, certain characteristics stand clear: nostalgia, printed materials, mass production, ephemera, analysis, the acts of cataloguing and resurrection. Referred to as archive art, this work is a saddening spectacle of remnants from times passed, including elderly concert tickets, decaying photographs and home movies. This is poetry.

Borsos explains: “The exhibition includes a large (48 x 4 feet) vitrine work…containing several hundred objects that are from distant eras. The objects are rather arcane and for this exhibition are displayed in pairs … so really you are seeing about a hundred and fifty objects repeating – rather than three hundred unique "things"…. I hope the work, when it is successful, nuances the various platforms … to describe the language of history/events and the process of memory loss, as opposed to the convention of what we remember.”

Borsos divides his time between Mayne Island, BC and Athens, Greece, and, in addition to developing his extensive collections, he also experiments with art books, architecturally-based projects and film. There will be at least two films included in this exhibit, The Great Aims Society and Drive By. Borsos’ short films are narrative driven and culled from his archive of found footage, consisting primarily of anonymous home movies filmed between 1933 and 1959.

Christine Clark

Walter May, Transet

Jeremy Borsos, Drive By (2016), video still [Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC, Jun 17-Jul 16]

Jeremy Borsos, Immaculate Debris
Jeremy Borsos, Immaculate Debris (detail) (2016), collected duplicate ephemera [Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria BC, Jun 17-Jul 16]

 Thu, Jun 9, 2016