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Peter Morin, still from Tahltan Song Cycle

Peter Morin, still from Tahltan Song Cycle (2015), video [Open Space Gallery, Victoria BC, Jun 20-Jul 25] Photo: Dylan Robinson

Peter Morin: Tahltan Song Cycle

Open Space Gallery
Victoria BC – Jun 20-Jul 25, 2015

Peter Morin, a member of the Crow Clan of the Tahltan Nation, is a curator, artist and self-described “advocate for Indigenous expression.” As he states in his online profile, “I endeavour to work with as many traditional arts practices as possible, because I believe that understanding the philosophies connected to these creative technologies helps us in developing rich places of transformation.”

Morin’s performances, some of which can be seen on YouTube, are mesmerizing, founded in Indigenous tradition but distinctly and vividly current. These are highly complex and multifaceted performances that often include singing, drumming, movement, video and soundscapes. Deeply emotional to watch, and presumably to perform, Morin’s work invariably involves collaborators, because (it’s so obvious now) transformation is something we must come to together.

During this newest performance piece, Morin sings and thereby repatriates traditional Tahltan songs. He writes that “a component of the installation/exhibition will be a series of moose hide boxes that will play Tahltan music. These are the song return machines …These moose hide boxes will eventually be placed on the Tahltan land…Inside the boxes…will be the recorded songs. made by the song removal machine in 1910. In 1910 to 1914, anthropologist James Teit recorded Tahltan singers onto wax cylinders. These songs were removed and taken to the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.”

Friday, June 19, 8pm.
Admission by donation


Christine Clark

 Mon, Jun 8, 2015