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Mia Feuer, An Unkindness

Mia Feuer, An Unkindness (2013), foam, tarpaper, rubber tires, feathers [Esker Foundation, Calgary AB, May 23-Sep 6] Photo: Sue Wribcan

Mia Feuer: Synthetic Seasons

Esker Foundation
Calgary AB – May 23-Sep 6, 2015

The Winnipeg-born Mia Feuer has participated in an impressive number of solo exhibitions since completing a Master of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009. Although many of these exhibitions have been shown in the eastern United States, her monumental sculptures are derived from a larger map, one that extends from the Suez Canal to Norway and from the boreal wetlands of Fort McMurray to the bayous of Louisiana.

As one might guess from these sites, Feuer is interested in oil – not only its production, distribution and our “irresponsible addiction” to it, but its ruinous effect on the natural landscape. To address this, Feuer makes work that reflects the devastation wrought by oil and its material by-products, such as plastic and her favourite, polystyrene foam.

The results include massive assemblages like An Unkindness (2013), a 40 x 40 x 30-foot constellation of foam, tarpaper, rubber tires and feathers that evokes trees used to remediate spoiled soil, suspended over a jet-black ice rink. In a smaller, free-standing work, Feuer has composed a Sami-style dogsled from plastic flotsam gathered along the shores of Norway’s Spitsbergen Island.


Michael Turner

Mia Feuer, Boreal

Mia Feuer, Boreal (2013), (detail), 2013, timber, styrofoam, steel, feathers, tar, black enamel, aircraft cable, and blue light [Esker Foundation, Calgary AB, May 23-Sep 6] Photo: Sue Wriban

 Fri, Jun 12, 2015