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Hans Nelsen, Orange Sun

Hans Nelsen, Orange Sun (2015), coast redwood stained with pigments [Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island WA, to June 14]

Revering Nature

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
Bainbridge Island WA – Mar 11-Jun 4, 2017

Curator Gregory M. Robinson has assembled artists who, while they revere nature, are adopting positions of awareness, concern, alarm and panic. With US governmental protections for the environment in danger of being unraveled by the new Trump administration, artists become canaries in the mine – again. With the new museum’s purview of displaying artists of the Puget Sound Basin area, BIMA brings authority and standards to artists who live in remote areas without institutional support.

Revering Nature artists address pollution, endangered species and global warming, among other pending maladies. Although Island artists are not overlooked, they are joined by better-known artists from Seattle, Nebraska, California and Oregon such as Kait Rhoads, Karen Kunc, Cari Ferraro and Lisa Onstad, respectively.

Paintings, sculpture, printmaking, fibre art and installation art join examples from BIMA’s core permanent collection of artists’ books collected by the museum’s founding partner Cynthia Sears. Leslie Wu’s Wanderer is a self-portrait of the artist in a rowboat, her back to the viewer, confronting a lake, trees and mountains. More unusual materials include cut feathers, bark and seeds, basalt and stripped cedar logs, the latter by veteran Vashon Island artist Hans Nelsen.


Matthew Kangas

Leslie Wu, Wanderer

Leslie Wu, Wanderer (2016), oil on canvas [Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island WA, to June 14]

Kimberly Trowbridge, Portal (Alentejo)

Kimberly Trowbridge, Portal (Alentejo) (2015), oil on canvas [Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island WA, to June 14]

 Tue, Apr 4, 2017