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Birthe Piontek, Gift

Birthe Piontek, Gift (2017), installation shot [Access Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 22-Jun 17]

Birthe Piontek: Miss Solitude

Access Gallery
Vancouver BC – Apr 22-Jun 17, 2017

Birthe Piontek, Miss Solitude

Birthe Piontek, Miss Solitude (2017), installation shot [Access Gallery, Vancouver BC, Apr 22-Jun 17]

Originally from Germany, Piontek came to Canada in 2005 after completing her MFA in Communication Design and Photography at the University of Essen. Since then she has participated in numerous exhibitions in North and South America, and in Europe, where her portraits have been heralded for their technical proficiency and, according to lensscratch.com, their ability to “reveal secrets and draw us in.” For her largely portrait-based series The Idea of North (2008-2010), she received the 2009 Critical Mass Book Award.

More recently, Piontek has shifted her practice to present found objects or photographs not as pictured participants, in the way Thomas Demand takes pictures of impeccably composed three-dimensional interior architectural models, but as components in her assemblages and installations.

For her current exhibition, Piontek gives us works like the eponymous Miss Solitude (2017), a framed black-and-white photograph of what could be an Eastern European athlete from the 1970s dressed in sporting attire with a sash over her shoulder that, depending on where the viewer is standing in relation to the reflective strip veil before it, reads SOLITUDE. In Gift (2017) a fake hand offers from its palm an equally fake, texturally complementary and perfectly scaled apple.

Presented in conjunction with the Capture Photography Festival


Michael Turner

 Tue, Apr 4, 2017