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Walter May, 12 Canes

Walter May, 12 Canes (2015), severely pruned tree, metal table, plaster, canes [Glenbow, Calgary AB, Feb 27-May 29] Collection of the artist

Walter May: One New Work: Object Lessons

Calgary AB – Feb 27-May 29, 2016

Walter May, Beam, Burl, Bowl

Walter May, Beam, Burl, Bowl (2015), oil painted wooden beam, burnt canes, burnt wooden bowl, magnet, casters [Glenbow, Calgary AB, Feb 27-May 29] Collection of the artist

Guest curated by Nancy Tousley, One New Work is a year-long sequence of exhibitions featuring three artists. As the name suggests, the exhibition calls for each artist to debut a new work “in the company of other works or objects selected to set it within a context.” These works or objects can include past works by the artist, preliminary works or works from various collections. For Tousley, the idea is to “illuminate aspects of the artist’s practice by emphasizing them.”

For its first iteration, Walter May gives us Object Lessons, an exhibition of sculptural assemblages built with objects the artist has gathered over the course of his daily life. In one work, a colony of blackened hammers hangs from a horizontal ledge; in another, the support shelf from a paint-splattered easel is placed vertically against a wall.

The “one new work” is Still Life With Canes (2016). Here, May salvaged the remains of a recently fallen tree he had befriended on his neighbourhood strolls, and fastened them to a gurney-like table with the curved ends of walking canes. Although the work resonates beyond the sum of its parts, it functions especially well as a lens through which to view those gathered around it, as if they had a hand in its assembly.

Michael Turner

Walter May, Transet

Walter May, Transet (2000), wooden tripod, metal tripod, branch [Glenbow, Calgary AB, Feb 27-May 29] Collection of the artist

 Thu, Apr 21, 2016