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Liz Magor

Catriona Jeffries Gallery
Vancouver BC – Mar 5-April 23, 2016

Liz Magor, The Good Shepherd

Liz Magor, The Good Shepherd (2016), polymerized gypsum, wool, plastic bags and sheets, cardboard [Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 5-April 23]

Liz Magor, New Society

Liz Magor, New Society (2016), polymerized gypsum, plastic bag, nylon stockings [Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver BC, Mar 5-April 23]

The recent retirement of Liz Magor from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design has had many reflecting on her work in the classroom. Not since Ian Wallace’s retirement in 1998 has ECUAD known such a rigorous and influential educator. Indeed, if Wallace shaped photo-conceptualists from Jeff Wall to Kelly Wood, Magor did something similar for artists Geoffrey Farmer, Brian Jungen and Isabelle Pauwels.

The upside of Magor’s retirement means that she has more time in the studio and an increasingly busy exhibition schedule, with stops as far afield as Marseille, France, and Milan, Italy. The rich quality of her work since leaving teaching has many of Magor’s admirers quietly wishing she had actually left sooner.

Whether it’s something as natural as a tree trunk or as cultural as a folded stack of towels, Magor has had a long and abiding interest in “the wrapper” and how we look at what we see. In this new work, many of the wrappers are cardboard boxes made from polymerized gypsum. As for the stuffed toys they support, none look like they came from these boxes. Instead, the boxes look like they were stripped from recently purchased flatscreen TVs and laid out over downtown sidewalks, where stuffed animals are sometimes sold.

Michael Turner

 Thu, Apr 21, 2016