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Isabelle Hayeur, Monument aux bâtisseurs de villes

Isabelle HayeurMonument aux bâtisseurs de villes (2008-2009), inkjet print [Contemporary Calgary, Calgary AB, Mar 16-Jul 30]

Utopia Factory

Contemporary Calgary
Calgary AB – Mar 16-Jul 30, 2017

Nils Norman, Edible Park with Permacultuur Centrum Den Haag

Nils NormanEdible Park with Permacultuur Centrum Den Haag (2010), mixed media [Contemporary Calgary, Calgary AB, Mar 16-Jul 30]

Contemporary Calgary has made great strides since its formation in early 2014. An amalgamation of the Art Gallery of Calgary, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Art, Contemporary’s dream of making Calgary “a global city of choice” took a step closer to reality when it received a $24.5 million municipal grant to repurpose the city’s Brutalist Expo 67-era planetarium. A similar amalgamation underlies Contemporary’s current project, Utopia Factory.

Comprising three parts, Utopia Factory is a “research and exhibition project” that recognizes art as a complementary civic activity, promotes artistic inquiry into the structure and function of the built environment and provides landing pads for touring exhibitions that, in this instance, augment locally generated propositions through the application of architectural scholarship and a national context.

In Nils Norman, the eponymous artist, known for bridging the work of art galleries and community parks, displays his municipal, provincial and federal archival research toward the realization of a public sculpture, to be installed at Contemporary’s new gallery. In the group show When Form Becomes Attitude, artists Ehren Bearwitness Thomas, Isabel Hayeur and others question the suppositional infrastructure of representational architecture. In Architecture and National Identity, architectural historians Colin Ripley and Marco Polo offer coast-to-coast documentation of Canada’s various Centennial projects.


Michael Turner

Nils Norman, Life in the Projects and Proposals

Nils NormanLife in the Projects and Proposals (2016), installation view, mixed media [Contemporary Calgary, Calgary AB, Mar 16-Jul 30]

Ehren Bearwitness Thomas, Make Your Escape

Ehren Bearwitness ThomasMake Your Escape (2010), video still [Contemporary Calgary, Calgary AB, Mar 16-Jul 30]

 Wed, Feb 8, 2017