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Susan Point, Halibut (State I of II)

Susan Point, Halibut (State I of II) (2007), screen print on paper [Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Feb 18-May 28] Courtesy of the artist

Susan Point: Spindle Whorl

Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouvery BC – Feb 18-May 28, 2017

Those familiar with weaving will know the spindle whorl as a wooden disk with a pole inserted through its centre. An object of transformation, the spindle whorl not only turns fibre into yarn, but also, through the spinning process, can induce a trance state in the weaver. Wool made into yarn usually results in articles of clothing and regalia. Journeys taken while spinning are not so concrete.

Her practice now in its 36th year, Musqueam artist Susan Point, together with the Vancouver Art Gallery, has mounted a career retrospective that hinges less on the passage of linear time than on the recurrence of the spindle whorl as a motif and a medium through which to travel the world of ideas, belief and sensation. While much of the work on display features Point’s circular, at times whirling screen prints, attention is also paid to her sculptures and carvings, including a number of works commissioned especially for the exhibition.

In keeping with its tradition of publishing scholarly monographs to accompany its retrospective exhibitions, the VAG has once again partnered with London’s Black Dog to produce an extensively illustrated 160-page book that shows in fine detail the development of Point’s massive yet underrated practice

Michael Turner

 Wed, Feb 8, 2017