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Amie Siegel, Quarry (2015), exhibition

Amie Siegel, Quarry (2015), exhibition [Audain Gallery (SFU), Vancouver BC, Jan 12-Mar 11] Courtesy Simon Preston Gallery, New York

Amie Siegel: Quarry

Audain Gallery (SFU)
Vancouver BC – Jan 12-Mar 11, 2017

Quarry (2015) is a 34-minute audiovisual projection that opens with a scopic exploration of Vermont’s Danby Quarry – the largest marble quarry in the world – and proceeds to a view of Manhattan’s luxury high-rise apartment showrooms. It is in these showrooms that Danby’s prized white marble performs as both a stolid emblem of success and an agent of transformation powerful enough to turn a banal concrete box into a work of Renaissance sculpture.

In speaking of the passage from quarry to showroom, Siegel makes it clear that her interest is not in “rendering value judgements” on the aesthetic integrity of the buildings that house this marble, but in “how materials mined from one place, and taken into a form in another, show a kind of alienation of substance, and also reflect a kind of investment in value or choices that gets played out in the spaces.”

Like Siegel’s more recent works, such as Fetish (2016), Quarry is driven as much by phenomenological impulses as by propositional statements. In the words of Audain curator Amy Kazymerchyk, “Quarry performs an inquiry into how aesthetic logic becomes a metonym for complex sociological conditions, revealing how the regime of balance, flawless facades and restrained forms become a foil for the aggressively turbulent socioeconomic conditions that define and accelerate ‘value’.”


Michael Turner

Amie Siegel, Quarry (2015), HD video (still)

Amie Siegel, Quarry (2015), HD video (still) [Audain Gallery (SFU), Vancouver BC, Jan 12-Mar 11] Courtesy Simon Preston Gallery, New York

 Wed, Feb 8, 2017