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Allison Schulnik, Eager

Allison Schulnik, Eager (2014), clay/stop-motion animated video [Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge AB, Feb 13-Apr 7] Courtesy of the artist and Mark Moore Gallery

Imitation of Life

Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Lethbridge AB – Feb 13-Apr 7, 2016

Just when our contemporary condition appears to be one of narcissistic sociopathy, where relations are no longer brokered through the generosity of politics but through the machinations of finance, we are confronted with the opposite: empathy for non-biological forms.

For this touring group exhibition, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery curator Crystal Mowry has gathered together eight artists whose works “employ technologies which range from manually operated projections to narratives constructed from existing digital worlds, from Second Life fictions inspired by real history to existential cartoons, from still photos that carefully re-imagine locomotion to kinetic sculpture that prompts rumination on the nature of entropy in human life.”

Among the highlights are Skawennati’s Time Traveller™, a nine-episode series that follows Hunter, a 22nd-century Mohawk man who moves through history (Dakota Sioux Uprising, Oka Crisis and the occupation of Alcatraz) with the help of his “edutainment console.” For those who prefer a little cellulose in their art experience, Faith La Rocque has provided a selection of “reactionary plants.”


Michael Turner

 Sun, Feb 7, 2016