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Art Toronto 2005
November 4-7

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Special eyes…

A clearly defined, targeted audience for
your Web advertising related to the visual arts

The Preview website appeared when the Web was young as a complement to the five annual printed issues of Preview of the Visual Arts gallery guide. As the print edition has grown to become the go-to source for what's on at galleries throughout Alberta and the Pacific Northwest, the website has developed its own audience.

Upwards of 850 visitors a day now browse the hundreds of pages of this site. That might not sound like a lot of traffic, but consider that the site content has nothing but material related to the visual arts. These visitors are well defined. Old or young, rich or poor – what they have in common is an interest in the visual arts. They didn't stumble on to these pages, they reached Preview as they actively sought art on the Web. That's why we call them special eyes.

Until now, the Web advertising options have been limited to gallery listings and a directory of businesses offering art services and materials. We're happy to announce a new range of Web display advertising options which we think you will find economical yet offer strong audience focus.

By page, by size, by time

Unlike the print edition, Preview on the Web has no fixed edition. Calendar and other changes are ongoing. Web display ads then can be for any duration of a month or longer. All Web display ads include a link to your website.

Special Events
Any special event – an exhibition opening, an art auction, you name it – is a prime candidate for display ad running alongside our events calendar. The people who view this page are actively seeking an arts event.

Regionally Targeted
Gallery listings are broken out geographically – Alberta, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. This means your Web ad can be directed to people actually browsing galleries in your area.

Our website links page is a handy alphabetical link to all our gallery advertisers. This page is a great place to advertise to draw attention to a new or revamped website, or to some new feature on your site.

Services & Materials
In addition to the regular art services and materials listings, we now offer visual extras, either accompanying your ad or in the column borders.

Catalogues & Publications
Each print issue carries capsule reviews of a handful of new catalogs. People who visit these pages are actively interested in art publications. This is a great way to reach them.

Size and cost

Column display ads – left or right column – are a fixed width of 140 pixels. That's just a little less than two inches. They can be of any height. The single top-of-page spot is fixed in both directions: 220 pixels [just over 3 inches] x 72 pixels [1 inch]. Page-bottom ads are a standard 535 pixels [7.4 inches] wide and can run to any depth.

Column ad prices are easy to calculate: $15 per inch per month [50 cents a day]. The premium position, visibility and frequency of the page-top ad commands a premium price: $120 per month sitewide [$4 a day]. And page-bottom ads [see an example below] don't have the high visibility of the others; it takes a scroll to see them. But their width of more than 7 inches opens up creative possibilities not possible elsewhere. They are priced at $50 per vertical inch per month.

For more details or to book space please contact

All prices subject to change.
Sitewide is defined as all pages where this position has not previously been booked.
Submitted material formats: GIF, JPG or SWF [Flash] with pixel widths as specified.

Preview in Print  

The print edition of Preview gives more details of galleries and exhibitions. Pick up a copy at most galleries in the Pacific Northwest.

Click the book cover
for subscription and other information.

You can reach Preview...
by regular mail:
P.O. Box 549, Station A,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
by phone: (604) 254-1405
by fax: (604) 254-1314
by email

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