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Blackfish Gallery

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420 NW 9th Ave

Portland, OR


HOURS: tue, thu and sat 11am-4pm.

Feb 2-27
Barbara Black & Angela Passalacqua: Flights of Fancy / Moments of Doubt. Works that are dream-like, that traverse time in a non-linear way, that mix human and non-human subjects (real and imaginary, organic and architectural, natural and human-made), and that utilize metaphor, all while posing questions about the existential state of things-in the world and deep within ourselves: where will we go from here?
Artist Reception: Virtual First Thursday, Feb 4, 6pm on Facebook Live.

In Memoriam: Dyann Alkire (1948 to 2020). Dyann Alkire was a founding member of Blackfish Gallery and her work was recently displayed at the gallery in 2019 at the 40th Celebration Show.

Mar 2-27
Kelsey Birsa and Edie Overturf: Together and Alone. The prints, drawings and sculptural work in this exhibition use the relationship of image and language to formulate the narratives. Through indirect gesture and suggestive vocabulary, the viewer is invited to weave their own connections.

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