some body, anybody – Artist Talk

Artist Talk
Saturday, March 9, 3pm
exhibition dates: March 2-24, 2019
Five artists were invited to choose or produce works that answer a simple yet complex question: how does it feel to be in your body today?
The answers come in multiple formats, mediums, and subject matters – from the body politics movement, in the 1970s, to the grotesque, using acrylics and oil paint on canvas to gelatin, fresh flowers and metal scraps on papier mache.
some body, anybody offers space and a platform for artists to look at the body as a tool, artistic material, inspiration, object of desire or repulsion, or just as a starting point for a broader discussion. After centuries of living in a society where women did not exert any control over the narrative of their bodies – what can they wear, when should they speak, where can they go, how they should look –  the time to reclaim it is way past due.
Featuring works by Moody Rose Christopher, Gabriela Godoi, Sharona Franklin, Sara Khan and M.E. Sparks
image: Gabriela Godoi: Them, 2017. Oil on Canvas. 72 x 48 inches.


Mar 09 2019


3:00 pm

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South Main Gallery
279 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada