Robin & John Gumaelius: new sculpture and Robert Schlegel: new paintings

above image: Gumaelius, “Boat”.

Reception with the Artists

Saturday, March 16, 3:00 – 5:00pm

Robin & John Gumaelius: Clay & Metal Sculpture

Known throughout the Pacific Northwest Robin and John Gumaelius combine steel, ceramic and wood to create animated human and bird-like sculptures. The highly detailed works incorporate imagery of plants and animals, houses, boats, wheels, masks and other symbolic motifs that reflect on the journeys of traveling through life.

The husband and wife team works together on each piece. Robin creates complex decorative glazes and colorful surface imagery, John adds exquisite metal armatures and wood details that give the artwork life and transform them into kinetic sculptures. The imaginative pieces reveal intricate stories fathomed by this creative couple and told through of a singular vision of their world.

Robin and John have a fluid working relationship, trading roles constantly in their artwork as well as their home life. The Gumaelius’ live in a rural coastal area of Washington State where they have built their home, studios, barns and gardens while raising their four children in a creative environment.

Robert Schlegel: New Paintings

Robert Schlegel’s intuitive painting style is representational of nature and a reflection of the Northwest landscape. As a native Oregonian, Schlegel finds inspiration in coastal estuaries, valleys, harbors and farmlands. His regionalist compositions reflect rural life and small towns. He is particularly drawn to the interaction of shapes found when architectural structures juxtapose the landscape.

The artists work is rooted en plein air; using bold innovative brushwork he blends realism into abstraction. Through contrast, texture and an earthy color palette, Schlegel explores his response to familiar forms and places, focusing on such things as the moody light and shadows inherent in the Northwest and how the natural world and man-made objects collide.

A graduate of Willamette University and Portland State University, Robert Schlegel spent over 30 years in the education field. His lifetime commitment to drawing, painting, and sculpture has led to numerous solo and group exhibits across America.

Robert Schlegel “Houses on Bay” 48×36, acrylic.


Mar 16 2019


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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