Janice Mason Steeves & Maja Padrov: Spirit of Place

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 9, 12-4pm

Artist talk: 1-1:30pm

Janice Mason Steeves

The ideas for my work come from my experiences in remote places. Recently I spent time painting and teaching in northern Iceland on a working horse farm, and later, in a tiny medieval village on the Camino in Spain.

Connecting to these different landscapes in a heartfelt way, I’ve interpreted these experiences in an abstract, gestural manner.

The work is quick and gestural, in an effort to capture the energy of each experience. I paint on paper to allow for trial and error, discarding many of the pieces and choosing the successful ones to adhere to wooden panels.

There is a spaciousness in the work, a simplicity that describes my experience of each place. The minimalism of the work moves into the spiritual realm, inviting viewers to consider their own relationship to the land.

Maja Padrov

Inspiration for my work often comes from everyday objects.

I am interested in metaphors for containment. Aesthetically my work is influenced by architecture, geometry, design, art and craft.

The surfaces of my pieces are achieved by high firing temperatures, multiple firings and volatile and unpredictable ceramic materials.

The physical properties of the glazes, their complexity and unpredictability, are specific to ceramics; and although they resemble metal and stone, each of my pieces remains at root a work of pottery.

The transformative power of heat, my extensive research in chemistry, a belief in potter’s alchemy and chance, are my main decorating tools.

image: Janice Mason Steeves


Mar 09 2019


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Bugera Matheson Gallery
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