IN SITU: Artist Talk

 IN SITU – Aimée Henny Brown, Julia Kreutz, Jessie McNeil and Tristesse Seeliger

Exhibition Dates: June 2 – July 1

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 2, 3pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, June 16, 3pm

A meta-medium steeped in an awareness of its own visual culture – collage as a cultural lens and visual art practice is investigated through the works presented with IN SITU. A Latin phrase meaning “on site” or “in position”, IN SITU is a term used across scientific and artistic fields to reference an event where it takes place, and its context of origin. Analogue cut-and-paste, photographic realism, repeated patterning, and world-building are some of the tactics employed by the four Canadian female collage artists featured in this exhibition; Aimée Henny Brown, Julia Kreutz, Jessie McNeill and Tristesse Seeliger. Emerging out of practices of collecting and observing, IN SITU is an exhibition of works exploring the concept of site.

South Main Gallery
279 E 6th Ave | Vancouver BC | V5T 1J7



Jun 16 2018


03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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South Main Gallery
279 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada