Opening Reception

Saturday, February 9, 3-6pm 

exhibition dates: February 8-27, 2019

Artists: Seiji Kuwabara and Shinsuke Minegishi

The exhibition ‘CONNECTION: TSUNAGARI’ will feature work from both artists that reflects how their lives are influenced by their two different and unique cultures: Canadian and Japanese. Kuwabara is a Japanese-Canadian furniture maker (his company is called In Element Designs) and his sleek simple designs are shipped to destinations all around the world. Yet for this exhibition, Kuwabara is returning to his first love: art. Specifically, Kuwabara is showcasing sculptures made from red cedar wood that are 1oo % local and recycled. “Actually, this cedar wood came from a friend of mine who built a log cabin and this was the left-over materials. The ecological aspect of this show is very dear to my heart. As for the cedar, I have worked with this material many times before, and for these sculptures I have used an old Japanese technique, where you scorch the wood to bring out the natural grain so that it shows its beauty.”

Meanwhile Minegishi is a world-renowned printmaker and book artists who showcases his exceptional work at exhibitions around the world. Minegishi is a formidable talent and he has won numerous international prizes for his work. He is best known for his intricate and delicate details in his work “Hanga” and in the ‘CONNECTION: TSUNAGARI’ exhibition he will be showcasing one or two large scale prints, as well as some small prints that were used to illustrate books. For Minegishi, both his Canadian life, as well as his Japanese heritage are important to his art. In particular he is influenced by the hardworking ethic of his Japanese culture. “I greatly admire the work ethic of people in Japan, especially those that the people in Tokyo possess. They work extremely long, hard hours and artists are no exception. They work diligently at making art; after or between their money-making work. I have tried not to lose this ethic when I create my own art.”

image: Seiji Kuwabara, Released, 2018. Scorched Red Cedar, 16′ diameter.


Feb 09 2019


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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3352 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada